Teachers and Parents you can now organise your students or children, assign modules and check their progress in one easy to use website.

Simply join, select how many students or children you would like to register, create their login credentials (these are created automatically when creating your account and can be changed at any time by you).

Once you have created your account, added your students or children you can now assign modules for them to complete.

On the top right hand corner of th website you will find your navigation where you will be able to Assign Modules, Manage your Account, Add, Edit and Delete Students / Children or change their passwords.

Assigning Modules

Too Assign Modules click on the Assign Modules link in the pop up window when logging in, or by clicking the top right hand arrow to bring up the side navigation. You can then select the start and end date you would like the module completed by, then select either Maths or English, the student year, the module heading and then select which sub module heading. Once this has been done you can then select the students or children that you would like to complete this module. You can select all of the students or individual students if you prefer.

Students when logging in will see a pop up where they can click on the Assigned Modules link that will take them to their Assigned Modules page. There they will be able to click on the link to go directly to the module to complete.


To check a students progress regarding the assigned modules click on the students name (from the top right hand navigation) and go to the Reports page. There you will find which modules have been started or completed, what the percentage of correct answers were and also the percentage of the module that has been attempted.

Joining is FREE!!

We pride ourselves on educating children in Australia and across the globe for free so everyone can share this wonderful resource!!

So what are you waiting for?? There is no excuse not to join.

So let’s start learning, having fun and creating a brighter future for the ones we care about the most!!


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